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Ambitious MBA graduate with ten years of demonstrated success in graphic design, marketing, and commercial materials management across various media sectors including digital, print, online, and cable television. Introduces innovative techniques to complete high-quality projects ahead of schedule, and combines artistic skills with business acumen to develop effective promotional materials and marketing campaigns. Fluent in English and Thai with a working knowledgeof French



Project Management ~ Print and Online Publishing Management ~ Event Planning ~ Branding

Communications ~ Business Analysis ~ Research/Change Management ~ Staff Training/Development



Platforms:  Mac OS and Microsoft Windows

Applications:  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks, MS Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint


GLOBAL TRADE LOGISTICS, San Bruno, CA                                                                                                                                                November 2010-Present

Print Project Manager

Manage and ensure quality of nutritional supplement label print projects for all Global Trade Logistics’ clients.

  • Optimize time and number of labels used in label printing production.
  • Establish quality control printing processes and oversee all final nutritional supplement labels.
  • Liaison between clients and graphic designers.
  • Design product catalogs, new product brochures and all in-house marketing materials.

Major Accomplishment:  Significantly reduced error counts and production time as well as increasing overall productivity.


FALCON STUDIOS (A Division of AEBN), San Francisco, CA                                                                                                                                       2004-Present

Senior Design Manager/Marketing Media (Apr 2007-Present)

Manage and approve work of in-house graphic designers, and oversee design composition for one of three major product lines. Work closely with the Marketing and Public Relations teams to develop effective marketing collateral, both print publishing and online media, such as promotional e-mails, posters, and direct mail pieces associated with each product.

  • Develop new project workflows, resulting in overall consistency improvement and a 20% reduction in processing time (up to 5 days) per production.
  • Solely design various pilot projects; such as Blu-Ray DVD products, existing product re-packaging, and new compilation DVD products.
  • Reputed to be most versatile and productive designer who is capable of creating a diverse range of products.

Major Accomplishment:  DVD designs and promotional materials contributed to an increase in sales up to 10% and cut down processing time.  A promotional e-mail design garnered a significant increase in “hits”.


Graphic Designer (Dec 2004-Apr 2007)

Developed layouts for DVDs and marketing materials, including online and print, for various projects within Falcon Studios as well as external clients, such as Specialty Publications and San Francisco Gay Pride.

Specific job duties included:  Prepared and manipulated images from original states to finished condition for publishing, in accordance with Art Direction parameters. Worked closely with Art Director and mastered new technology and procedures to ensure multiple projects remained on schedule and within specified budgets.

Major Accomplishment:  Promoted to lead designer to oversee the entire product design process and marketing campaigns for online and print with the objective of increasing product sales. 


ADAMS DIGITAL MEDIA, INC., Berkeley, CA                                                                                                                                                                                  2004

After Effects Artist/Premier Editor

Produced and edited “Home and Real Estate Today” (HRET) cable television show on East Bay Comcast, Channel 26.  Promoted sales for key clients including Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, RE/MAX, Prudential, and Century 21 of San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Educated real estate agents on new technology, such as FTP file formats, and basic digital photography.
  • Assisted real estate agents in creating and posting virtual home tours on MLS as well as their business websites.

Major Accomplishment:  Increased buyer foot traffic in residential listings by 13% for a local Century 21 client.


PANOPOLY PICTURES, INC., Universal City, CA                                                                                                                                                                 2003-2004

Motion Graphic Artist/DVD Designer Assistant/IT Manager  

Designed and authored DVD menus for such titles as “Bruce Almighty” and “Schindler’s List”.  Managed in-house IT requirements and acted as liaison between the company, contractors, and service providers.  Created rough 3D design for ABC daytime show, “All My Children”.

  • Appointed to first managerial role within four months of joining the company.
  • Participated in launch of new department to produce DVDs of high-profile movies for Universal Home Video products, resulting in a new revenue stream.
  • Leveraged computer engineering background and assumed role of in-house IT manager, thereby eliminating the high cost of an external IT contractor.

Major Accomplishment:  The new DVD design division generated additional revenue for the company.


RADIUM, INC., San Francisco, CA                                                                                                                                                                                                       2003


Prepared and assisted in early stages of production, including the creation of objects with Maya for the “Southern California Chevrolet” campaign.  Contributed to client service efforts and accommodated production team to ensure workflow continuity.


BARA ADVANCED INFOTECH, Bangkok, Thailand                                                                                                                                                              1997-1998

Sales Engineer

Accommodated sales and marketing departments by providing technical information for salespeople and/or clients regarding UNIX and Windows NT servers, and networking.

  • Played integral role in closing a Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) server sale in a one-month time frame. Received special award for this performance.



Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA), 2009

“Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society”



Bachelor of Fine Arts with emphasis in Digital Compositing (Visual Effects), 2002



Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering, 1997